People and organisations within the technology community are often incredibly generous with not only their time, but also their knowledge, tools, and patience. To this end, I've decided to compile some useful resources which some may (hopefully) find useful.

This site is mainly aimed at the digital forensics & incident response discipline within cyber security. There may be some general notes for vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, or anything with a slightly offensive flavour.

I hope you find this site useful. Some of the commands and content is basic, whilst other content touches on more complex matters and may have an assumed level of knowledge. Feedback, topic suggestions, or general comments are appreciated.

Some other resources you may find useful are listed below. These are provided by incredibly knowledgeable and experienced members of the DF/IR community and are well worth reading.

https://thisweekin4n6.com/ A weekly roundup of significant news within the DF/IR community.

https://www.jaiminton.com/ A great compilation of writeups, technical notes, and CTF/HackTheBox/TryHackMe rooms.

https://www.youtube.com/DCcybersec For those new to the industry, this YouTube channel is incredibly useful, providing industry insight, technical guides, and interviews.

https://www.youtube.com/user/RootOfTheNull More focused on penetration testing/ethical hacking, but incredibly valuable for those new to the industry.

https://dfir.training/social-networks/digital-forensics-discord-server An increasingly popular Discord channel for all facets of digital forensics as well as broader technology topics.


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