Magnet CTF Week 0

Magnet CTF Challenge Week 0 writeup

This challenge requires the following Android image;

This image will be processed with Magnet AXIOM on a Windows 10 workstation. Follow your standard naming convention and folder structure. I'll be placing my data in the following locations;

C:\DF\CTF\MagnetWeeklyCTF\CaseFiles C:\DF\CTF\MagnetWeeklyCTF\EvidenceFiles

The process of creating a case, adding evidence, and processing/ingesting it is fairly straight forward so I won't be going into a great deal of detail for this particular CTF.

The answers/weekly write-ups won't be published prior as soon as they are completed. They will be posted approximately 1 week after the CTF round has finished.

  1. Create a case in Magnet AXIOM and complete case details

  1. Select 'MOBILE'

  1. Select ANDROID

4. Load Evidence

5. Select 'image' (The .tar archive is an Android backup and treated differently to a folder of loose files/folders)

6. Verify the .tar archive has been identified correctly and the device's folder structure can be viewed.

Let AXIOM do its thing and come back later.

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