NTFS, FAT32, exFAT with TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt

4GB NTFS with VeraCrypt

1GB FAT32 with VeraCrypt

Both are 1GB in size, password is password.
469cfd70bc279dc60ac87258c7e605be3e8e342b WIN10-VERACRYPT-1-flat.vmdk
bd06eed262fa731dabb1d4ccca765de164c1a3b9 WIN10-VERACRYPT-1-flat.zip
469cfd70bc279dc60ac87258c7e605be3e8e342b 1GB-fat32-veracrypt.001
e1244874d1d0f8133083483c4674b5624e79defd 1GB-fat32-veracrypt.zip
GPT/GUID partition table
Created 1st September, 8:50pm
Mounted as F:, FAT32
volume label: IBLUE
> Format non-system drive
> Standard VeraCrypt Volume
> Default (AES / SHA512)
> password is password (no PIM)
> Filesystem FAT32
Filesytem: FAT32, Cluster: Default
Mounted as Z:
Copied notes.txt to root of drive @ 8:53PM