S3FS Fuse and MinIO

s3fs fuse is an S3 object compatible file system which allows you to mount an S3 compatible bucket (AWS, MinIO etc) as a local mount point.

Using the previous guide on setting up MinIO, we'll install s3fs, mount a MinIO bucket, and image a local drive to it. We first need to create a file which will store your service keys/credentials. This also must have the correct permissions otherwise s3fs won't mount it if they're too permissive.

To set a service account; MinIO Console > Identity > Service Accounts

To set a user account with an associated service account; MinIO Console > Users > Select User > Service Accounts > Create Service Account

$ echo "SERVICE_ID:SERVICE_KEY" > /home/user/.s3creds
$ chmod 600 .s3creds

$ sudo apt install s3fs-fuse
$ sudo mkdir /mnt/mynewbucket
$ sudo s3fs my-bucket-name /mnt/mynewbucket -o passwd_file=/home/user/.s3creds,use_path_request_style,url=https://FQDN-hostname:9000

If you were using this in a test environment and needed to ignore a self-signed or otherwise invalid SSL cert, just append '-o no_check_certificate'

Now you can use your preferred imaging and set /mnt/mynewbucket as your destination.

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