AVML dump to SMB / AWS


You have a potentially compromised Linux EC2 instance sitting inside an Amazon VPC. You cannot expose the VPC to the greater internet for acquisition. You need to acquire the memory on the Linux EC2 host. You do not know what operating system or kernel is running on it.

  1. Setup secure Windows SMB destination host

  2. Setup inbound RDP and SMB security group rules on Windows destination host

  3. Create shared folder with read/write for specific user (pick a user)

  4. Determine whether smbclient or cifs-utils is installed on EC2 instance

  5. Download AVML onto Linux host

$ sudo mount -t cifs -o user=administrator \\\\windowsIP\\sharename /mnt/point  
$ wget https://github.com/microsoft/avml/releases/download/v0.2.0/avml
$ chmod +x avml  
$ sudo ./avml /mnt/point/EC2memdump.mem  
$ sudo ./avml EC2memdump.mem && sudo mv EC2memdump.mem /mnt/point/`

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